MFRC Pace Race – 31.12.17 (& MF Results)

Race Report by Michael Hammond

A great way to end the year; this was special as it was a Massey’s’ club event, at the home of Park Run where I began running a year ago.

It was lovely to see such a great turn out, and to chat with friends before the start. Most people seemed to be underplaying the competition element; not revealing the time they had given as an estimate; it’s the taking part that counts after all ! .

The day before I had done my fortieth  park run in 36:44; and on Christmas day I managed a PB with 30:18.

It was quite cold ; but I decided to take off my fleece and just race in my long sleeve top with my Masseys vest … gloves stayed on. The hat came off around half way.

I calculated an intentionally slow time, and a few of my Massey friends also gave themselves  around 40 minutes…I took it easy and kept Denise insight who had predicted 40:22…I knew she was going too fast !

It was nice to see the surprise on the faces of all the winners.

The ladies had been much better at their predictions than the men. There was a comedic moment when the Massey crew got together by the flag for a photo and all face the wrong way… where’s the camera ? It’s behind you !

I predicted 40;02. I was quicker by 01:32 finishing in 38:30…not bad for my first attempt at a pace race.

It was a great atmosphere and finished off the year on a high.

Massey’s results below

Race TimePredicted TimeDifference
JASON DOUGLAS00:27:3000:27:4500:00:15
SAM LOWE00:27:0300:26:4000:00:23
KELVIN ELLIOTT00:36:5300:36:3000:00:23
CATHY KEAY00:31:4200:32:0700:00:25
ZOE MOORE00:26:3700:27:0500:00:28
ALANNA PENNELL00:27:2200:26:4100:00:41
SONIA KARAMAT00:34:0800:33:2700:00:41
FIONA RYAN00:32:5800:32:1500:00:43
DENISE ELKINGTON00:39:2300:40:1000:00:47
JENNA POGUE00:37:1800:36:2300:00:55
MAGGIE MORGAN00:45:1900:46:1500:00:56
RACHAEL BIGNALL00:35:3400:34:3600:00:58
MARIE EDMUNDS00:24:0000:25:1000:01:10
DEBBIE DAVIS00:31:5500:33:0600:01:11
MARK URSELL00:24:4800:26:0000:01:12
ED GOODWIN00:35:4600:37:1000:01:24
CAL ODDY00:37:2100:38:5100:01:30
MICHAEL HAMMOND00:38:3000:40:0200:01:32
ALISON LOWE00:33:1400:34:5300:01:39
SIMON TRENCHARD00:26:2800:28:1500:01:47
LINSEY YEOMANS00:33:0600:34:5600:01:50
DAVID MASON00:29:1500:31:0700:01:52
LISA JAY00:34:5200:33:0000:01:52
KATIE KINGSTON00:32:0100:33:5400:01:53
JONATHAN KINGSTON00:28:2800:30:2200:01:54
PHYLL DOUGLAS00:36:5300:34:5300:02:00
BRENDA LEE00:40:1800:42:2000:02:02
ANITA SHARMA00:33:3300:35:3500:02:02
KEVIN HINSON00:25:1100:27:3700:02:26
NICOLA HUNT00:31:1300:33:4100:02:28
RUTH MAHON00:29:1700:31:5000:02:33
ELIZABETH CONNOLLY00:35:3100:38:1100:02:40
JILL WATERFIELD00:33:0500:30:2000:02:45
MARTIN JUDGE00:28:2200:31:1100:02:49
WENDY FOXALL00:33:5600:36:5400:02:58
JO PINCHES00:39:4200:42:4500:03:03
GRAHAM TAIT00:26:5400:30:0000:03:06
ROSIE BILSLAND00:33:3400:36:4500:03:11
CAROL WILLIAMS00:33:4600:37:0000:03:14
SAMANTHA HAINES00:40:1900:36:1200:04:07
JAMES PADVIS00:30:5900:25:5300:05:06
SARA SLEVIN00:48:0600:42:3900:05:27
CASEY LEAVER00:31:2100:37:0800:05:47