Mersey Tunnel 10K – 14.4.19

Race report by Brenda Lee

My daughter Hannah had booked to do the Mersey Tunnel 10k race so I decided to take the opportunity of a visit to see her and also do the race.

The morning started off chilly and we were happy to see the sun breaking through as we stood waiting to start. All straight forward before going to the start line, two double decker buses waiting to take your luggage to the finish line in the Wirral and an adequate number of portaloos.

Race began on time and we were literally in the Kingsway Tunnel before we knew it. The tunnel starts with a decline, easy to get carried away, then levels out as you go deep into it. We passed the 1 and 2k markers and then the road became steeper. There were shouts of “Oggy Oggy Oggy” and the sound of trainers hitting the road – all bringing back memories of the Great North Run.

The 3k marker came into view right as you exited the tunnel and a swift turn to your left took you up the steepest part of the race. There was also the first water station.

We were then in the Wirral and into an industrial estate. From then on in the race was flat.

We were soon along by the Mersey and then the long promenade lay out in front of you. I took the time to look over my shoulder and caught sight of the Liver Building.

The kilometre markers passed swiftly, and I settled into a comfortable, steady pace taking the time to enjoy the views of both the Wirral and the Liverpool waterfront.

The support was quite lean, but the pockets of supporters and marshals were good.

Got to 9k and I could see a fort type building, later I found out it was Fort Perch Rock. An impressive looking building which I also thought was the finish line, but no, we had a left turn to do. After the turn the finish line was in view and although my number one fan, “The Other Dave Lee”, was for once not able to be there I knew my daughter Hannah was. Despite her, “I will stay with you Mum and I think I am going to have to walk it” I knew her young legs and netball fitness would carry her through the race and after the first 100 meters she had long gone out of my view.

It was a lovely supportive finish and I was so pleased that I felt strong and in control of my race. No PB but how I had ran the race mattered so much more to me and when I discovered that my last mile was my fastest I was overjoyed. This had never happened before and I was hoping that when I told Lesley Keighley this, she would be proud of me. She has always told me to keep something in the bag for the finish.

My medal was put around my neck by a lovely lady, always think this is such a nice touch rather than just being handed your medal. It was then, what seemed, an endless amount of goodies being passed to us and then finally a, winter training colour, t-shirt.

Hannah soon appeared and she had done under an hour so was delighted – proud of her. However, she was feeling discomfort in her hip so decided to go for a massage. By now the sun had gone and it was cold. I went off to get us a much needed hot drink and a cheese toasties. I would imagine on a warm day people would hang around and celebrate their success but people were soon making their way home due to the cold.

In order to get back to Liverpool we had to catch the train. It was a short walk to the station and there were lots of runners on the train. This brought back memories of the train journey home last year after the London Marathon. Really lovely just seeing everyone with their medals and talking about their race.

We were soon back in Liverpool and home to see how DIY Dave was getting on boarding the loft! Daughter’s house needs had been priority over being no 1 fan. Lol!

Two lovely moments during the race, one right at the start when someone shouted “Hi Masseys, I always see one of you” and later in the race a “Hi Coventry, welcome to Merseyside”.

So to sum up, this was a really nice race, potential to be very fast, a good medal and t-shirt and plenty of goodies too.

I am lucky that I have free accommodation in Liverpool but is it worth a night’s hotel stay just for a 10K. Well if you combine it with a bit of PR tourism at one of two Liverpool PR venues, a trip around Liverpool enjoying one of the many tours, museums, shops, bars and restaurants then yes it could be part of a really enjoyable running weekend.

For me two things made it very special, getting to do a race with my daughter and being the first Massey over the line!