Massey Pace Race Results – 2.1.17

This morning 149 runners enjoyed the winter sunshine with a 3.55 mile race around Coventry’s Memorial Park.


Unlike normal races the winner isn’t the one who crosses the line first but rather the runner that has made the best prediction of their finish time – watches, phones, iPods and even Fitbits having to be left off for this race.

I know for some as this race won’t appear on Strava it won’t have happened however the digital timing system has captured a finish time so for those who ran and want to record your run manually please find the results below.

If your Garmin has recorded a different time than the published result please let us know so we can correct your time and then disqualify you for cheating in this race. 😉


First male over the line Kev Hope in 19:07 was pushed into 3rd place in predictions by Cameron Williams-Stein in 22:50 just five seconds off his prediction who came second as Hugh Miller (MFRC) in 32:02 was only 2 seconds off his prediction.

Mistianne Feeney (Coventry Godiva) 23:13 crossed the line as first lady runner home by an impressive 35 seconds faster than her prediction but this left her outside of top honours with Joanne Hackett 26:18 within 7 seconds and Alison Lowe (MFRC) 34:47 only 1 second outside of their predictions.

Congratulations to all the winners and we hoped you all enjoyed this racing start to your New Year.