Massey Easter 5 – 05.04.15

Two days after the race and as yet no one has written a race report! Why not? Because anyone in Massey Ferguson RC that was in the area was involved in the Massey Easter 5 race.

And what a fantastic race it was… the organising team even remember to book perfect racing weather; sun shining down but the temperature remained fairly cool. The wind just blowing gently to move the fluffy clouds slowly in the sky. This of course meant that my standard fair of excuses were out the window; I was injury free, the weather good, a flattish paved course – so the last resort an over commercialised race that had grown too big too fast! But even that wasn’t going to hold water as any of the athletes racing would tell you, although nearly doubling numbers on last year it still kept its friendly feel.

So from the off, I knew I better run well as I had no excuses!

And for once, for me I did run well!

With my target time in my head, the airhorn sounded and I was off. This was going to be far easier for me than my last races where I had to try and pace myself over much longer distances for my marathon training. For the Easter 5 I just had to go as fast as I could manage for 5 miles, living with the feeling of my heart and lungs trying to burst out of my chest like Ridley Scott’s Alien!

My first target was not to be lapped by any runners, this was a huge challenge, with the race being part of the Warwickshire Road Race League, the extra runners from last year were high calibre club runners looking for early points. The fantastic support from the Massey Marshalling crew all the way round spurred me on, although my ability to communicate beyond much of a gasp meant I could barely raise a thank you to all the amazing marshals and there seemed so many all over the course, so my report is really dedicate as a huge THANK YOU to all who helped out.

Luckily for me, a milk float chased me up the final hill to the end of the first lap and away from the pursuing runners.

Normally at this point, unlapped, I would bask in my mini victory and slow very slightly, but not today, not in my Massey race. Onwards I ran; passing the café, passing supportive marshal after supportive marshal. The one thought now in my mind… Thank goodness the parkrun never goes in reverse this slope is EVIL goes on forever!

Onto the Kenilworth road I ran, passing the traffic lights a passing driver noted my light running style and manly looks, sounded their horn and shouted in appreciation, but I had no time to waste being chatted up by this driver, I had other runners to catch over the final mile, so I waved and ran on.

Even the tight turn back into the park and around the bin didn’t dent my speed – in fact I smiled at the pain (I have seen the pictures) I was feeling good and knew that the small final incline wasn’t going to cause me any issues.

With the downhill straight to the finish I picked up my heels and picked off a runner ahead of me to enter the finishing tunnel, stopping my Garmin and between gasps of air knowing I had beaten my self-imposed target.

When we take part in races we judge how good they are on if we got a PBs or good time, the contents of goodie bag or t-shirt we take home, or in Mary’s case Jaffa Cakes or Sausage Rolls at aid stations. This was a great race to run as it was well organised, well marshalled and friendly banter from rival runner clubs, it even had a decent latte only 20m away from the finish line, okay it wasn’t a Costa Coffee but it was very tasty!

I would love to say I can’t wait to race the next Massey Event which is true, but I think for the Corporate 5, I should let others have the fun and I will try and be a friendly supportive Marshal!