Market Bosworth Half 10.05.15

I had originally decided to do the Hereford ½ but then I saw in R/World the Bosworth ½. As I’d never run there before I decided to change my plans. Then as I approached the Water Trust Lakes at the HQ I realised that I had done the Hinckley Half here 2 years ago (with loads of Massey runners) but the name has now changed!!! Hmmm.

Anyway it is a great place with lots of Sphinx and Northbrook vests around but zero red and white except mine and even the results have me down as Pembs Harriers as I have a joint Welsh and English AA number. Not too sure where the MF regulars were.

A good course for the 600 runners with a few slopes, lovely scenery except the 5 mile slog along a very straight flat road where it appeared that you could always see for a mile ahead. Quite mind blowing.

Then there’s a mile long hill at 10 where the only lady race walker shot past me never to be seen again. Hmmm again.

Good facilities and yet another T shirt to add to the houseful of unworn items over the last 34 years. Collectors’ items or what?

Anyway I’ll be bringing this plus the other 2 from last week to the Nose Bag Buffet at the club after training on Wed 13/5 (not 23/5 as I said in the last report). Dyslexic accountant or what? I’ll bring my Brain and Spine Charity tin with the t shirts so bring some loot as they are not really FOC.

Kingsbury Water Park 10k Tues 12/5 and Black Mountains 30 miler on Sat. Another crazy week.

Massey time:

Dave Phillips 2.26 (1st Massey runner home-and last?).


Dave Phillips.