Malvern half marathon – 21.06.15

This very pleasant event takes place from the 3 Counties Showground at Malvern and heads off into the country towards Upton on Seven as opposed to up and over the hills so it’s relatively flat.

I met up with Massey colleagues and regular Malvern runners Jonathan and Katie Kingston + dog (non running, and then Ruth Mahon and her son Chris-a Wannabee Massey member. Ruth was chauffeuring and had deliberately left her running stuff at home-so she told us. I asked Chris what time he expected for his 1st half (Virgin !!) and he said under 2 hours.

So at 1030 the gun went off for the half (550 runners), 5K in the woodlands and the kids 1k event.

The half course was very pleasant as it meandered through lovely lanes and countryside, the weather was nice and hot but the head on winds – especially in the last 3 miles as it howled over the Malvern Hills into us- made for a good but tricky event. Marshalls were all over the place so well done the organisers.

The finish was daunting as we had to run past the road on our right up to the finish, up to a bollard in the road then turn back to the finish road to turn left for the 600 yards to the line. Guess they have to be accurate with the distance but the temptation to “nip off right” was there for all of us.

Nice medal, bananas, chocolates, drink bottle and a few other goodies made it a very pleasant event and all for the Acorns Children’s Hospice.

Massey and associated times:

Half marathon:

Chris Mahon 1.42 (sign him up Ruth).
Jonathan Kingston 1.48.
Dave Phillips 2.18.


5k Woodland Trail run:

Katie Kingston 29.06.
Ruth Mahon-DNS and DNF but supported well!.


Race report by Dave Phillips.