Loseley Breakfast Run (11.4k) – 17.6.18

Race Report by John Hosie

So after struggling to run 40 minutes at the 2 Castles I was supposed to be pacing a 4 minutes per K group at this race in Guildford, a race that frankly made the 2 Castles look pancake flat and was longer than 10k. What could possibly go wrong?

Well after 5k everything, I was nearly 2 minutes down on the pace and any sign of a group to pace had all but vanished. Then the downhills came and things started to look up (or down), I could at least start to claw some time back.

The pacing group (me) finished 40 odd seconds down on the target time, but I was 5th overall. Not that there was anything I could have done about going faster.

Nice race, free breakfast afterwards and in December they do it again at what is the famous Hogs Back race and has been going over 50 years. I’ll get the pacing right then.