Lliswerry 8, Newport – 29.1.17

Race report by Dave Phillips.

Described as the flattest race on the planet I have to agree. I do this every year and have done since way back and I’ve yet to find even a slope. The biggest incline is stepping up the kerb to the start area just behind Newport County’s football stadium which was the HQ for the 850 or so runners.

So the 2 hour trip down was worth it for my 6th race of the year so far.

The course is all along small roads virtually traffic free in the country where hardly anyone lives. Bit like the Somerset Flats with much of the land cris crossed with man-made rivers and ditches all dead straight and flat so not the most picturesque of runs.

A very well marshalled event with a huge selection of cakes for all finishers in the coffee bar area afterwards to add to the T shirt that everyone won. Good showers made the day worthwhile despite the constant rain during the run.

One marshal got it completely wrong as I passed him as he shouted “well done young man-looking great”. Was that a double fault?

The journey back was horrendous on the M50 with mist, spray, fog and continuous rain but as you know Wales is a “must go to place”. God’s own country Ross!!

Watford half next week. Anyone else going? We usually have a few there. Plus everyone encourages you as Watford Joggers also have similar red and white squared vests!

Massey time:

David Phillips. 1hr 34 mins.