Lliswerry 8 miles – 28.1.18

Race report by Dave Phillips.

 Lliswerry 8 miler, Newport, South Wales.

Who in his or her right mind would drive 100 miles to do an 8 miler then 100 back? Well anyone who loves Wales so it’s a no brainer really. Also I’ve been doing it for the last 20+ years (60 mins way back!).Good thing was it was an 1130 start from the old Newport County FC ground next to the Velodrome so not up too early. Plus as always it’s a sell out with 800 runners and it was full almost immediately it went online for registration.

I didn’t get in but as last year I turned up knowing that some mates from the Welsh clubs would have numbers for those who dropped out. Fortunately I got a friend’s number (who had dropped out) so no problems even if I did run incognito and anonymously! He is doing London for charity so I gave him £25 for my entry-good value I thought. Also of course I had to wear my Welsh Pembrokeshire Harriers vest and I was the sole representative from my Welsh club.

This course is described as the flattest in the world and how right that is as it goes along small lanes in what look like the Somerset Flats with ditches and waterways criss crossing all over the place – all full up with all the recent rain. The only “hill” was stepping up from the road to the pavement at the finish.

The race was superbly organised by Lliswerry Runners with marshals all over the place keeping us on the left side of all the roads.

Eventually the stadium came into sight at about 7.5 m so it was a sprint finish for the last 800 yds. So a day well spent and we all got our blue T shirts(long sleeved!).

Then as usual back at the prize giving in HQ in the Stadium there were tables full of more cakes than I’ve ever seen in one room. Hundreds of them and you just helped yourself and gave a donation to charity. Our kitchen back home is now like a cake shop-but I did pay!

So that’s 5 races plus shingles in the head in Jan so getting there even if in pain.

As I write this an email has just popped in about next Sun’s Watford ½. Anyone else coming? Watford Joggers also wear red and white squares so you can guess what they will call me as I jog around next week.

Massey/Pembroke time:

Dave Phillips – 1hr 32 mins.