Leamington Spa Half Marathon – 1.7.18

Race report by Dave Phillips 

Well what a cracker this was for the 2,000 entrants. Pity about the delayed start which meant we were longer in the intense heat as it was not too bad at 0900 hrs-relatively speaking that is-but 45 minutes delay meant we started when it was hotter.

So my 350th half is done and dusted which is how I feel now-or is it the 6% cider? I reckon this was the hottest race I’ve done so what do I do now? Quit halves or carry on and wait for a hotter one? No brainer really so I’m not quitting yet a while.

The course was great with closed roads and stunning scenery in the beautiful villages we passed through but weren’t there a lot of hills? All seemed to go up or was that just me?

Plus the fabulous crowd support in all the villages made this an event to remember so roll on next year.

I particularly enjoyed passing the Red Lion at Huningham where I used to go with my dad many years ago and have not been past it since. May pop in next year!

Also the hose pipes, sweets, drinks from the families en route made this a real family type occasion and of course the traffic free roads.

So on we plodded getting hotter and browner by the mile but that’s what running (or race walking) is all about. Then finishing makes the day worthwhile and a great T shirt, huge medal and bananas (again) meant it was great value for money.

So roll on next year and well done Raceways for probably their best event ever.

Massey Time:

Dave Phillips 3.03

Wyre Forest ½ next week probably-so I cannot sit still. Or Northbrook 10K. Hmmm.