Leamington Half Marathon – 7.7.19

Race report by Dave Phillips.

Well what can I say about this fabulous event? From start to finish it must surely rank as the best in the UK. Great start area in the Pump Room Gardens, roads closed to traffic throughout the run, course went through beautiful countryside and villages, marshals and drink stations were superb, then the finish back into Leam (still with closed roads) with a final flourish in beautiful Jephson Gardens then a lap of the Pump Room Park to the finish.

The course had a few ups and downs and the ups were somewhat challenging but doing it in the reverse way from last year was a great success and most people thought it was a great change so well done for the change.

Massey was well presented with the regulars plus newer faces and also there were red and whites around the course cheering us on and taking photos so well done all.

It was warm again but OK if you like the heat (as I do) so a gentle plod round was the order of the day so no problems there on my 359th half. Getting there slowly-now takes me twice as long as in the “halcyon days” but who cares? As long as there are a few behind me it’s Job Done again.

So eventually the end was in sight where we got a fabulous medal, T Shirt, goodie bag and as many bananas as you could hide in your kit bag. Did I hear 25??

So finally well done Martine from Raceways for putting on what must be the UK’s best half. So everyone check out and enter the Raceways’ Alcester 10k on Oct 6th as it will be a cracker. I’ve just entered.

Massey time:

Dave Phillips 3.01