Kingsbury Classic 10k – 10.5.16

Race report by Dave Phillips.

Well the 200 + or so including the 4 brave Massey runners could not have anticipated such foul conditions on what is usually a warm sunny evening late spring event. In fact on the stretches along the river it’s a tradition to keep your mouths shut, don’t talk and breath through your nose. Why? Because the gnats and midges usually swarm around this part in huge numbers, many getting in your digestive system.

Not tonight however as every sensible insect was sheltering in the grass or tress but certainly not flying. In fact if we had any sense we would not have been running.

The whole of the 2 lap course in the stunning Water Park was either on gravel paths (not too many) or on extremely slippery muddy trails. With the recent rain these mud baths were so slippery that forward motion was a collectors’ item to be sure. 2 paces forward, 3 sideways, 2 back and one on your arse was the order of the day.

Plus it was raining and not a fisherman or family of walkers or swans or geese or ducks in sight. Even if they had been out there watching us it was so murky on lap 2 that we couldn’t have seen them.

So we plodded round the perimeter of the park with great marshals encouraging us on and in my case it was a lonely venture.

Lap 2 was not a really welcome prospect but quitting was out of the question on my 25th race of the year as I knew 3 Massey vests were in front of me. There they stayed until the end.

One bright spot near the finish was where we were greeted by geese and ducks lining the route quacking and honking us on. Must have wondered what these running sliding running nutters were doing out there-as I did.

Finally the finish line where the 3 Massey colleagues were waiting with the other finishers-medals in hand. Thanks guys.

Summer handicap tonight-wow can’t wait!

Massey times:

Ian Cameron 56.10

Lisa Kenny 66.30

Kelvin Elliot 66.50

Dave Phillips 71.31