Kingsbury Classic 10k – 9.5.17

Race report by Dave Phillips.

This annual event proved as good as ever if for no other reason that it takes place in the fabulous Kingsbury Water Park Nature Reserve in the Coleshill/Tamworth area. The other good thing was that it was a 2 lapper so you managed to see the stunning scenery, lakes, rivers and all the wild life twice.

Around 200 (including 11 Massey runners) started in the woods and the whole event was trails, paths, gravel tracks and absolutely no traffic but superb friendly marshals.

En route there were moorhens, coots, ducks, grebes, herons, swans, geese all applauding us as we sped past them. In my case I stopped several times to chat to them thus my sluggish time. Believe that if you want!

As usual along the river bank there were the gnats, may flies and insects a plenty for us to “gulp down” if we dared to breathe through our mouths but they were not as bad as in previous years. Yet they are all part of the nature at this wonderful place.

We used to bring our children here many years ago so it was full of pleasant memories all the way round.

So a huge thanks to Richard Baker of Camba Events  for putting this on again. Richard use to be a prolific runner, and along with Chris Harrison (he of the continuing  list of road races fame) and me, we used to see who could do the most races in a year. All 3 of us battled it out for years with each of us usually in the 70s for events done. In fact not long ago Richard ran 30 races alone in June. Beat that anyone. This year I ran, Chris marshalled and Richard organised it.

Check out Camba events as there are other local races put on by Richard at Aldridge Airport and Cannock Chase. He is well worth supporting.

Well done everyone and thanks Massey for waiting for me to finish. Duck for dinner tonight!!

Hereford marathon this w/e-a one lapper.

Massey time:

Dave Phillips 76.16.