Kenilworth May Day 10k (Killer)

May the forth be with you as we endured the Kenilworth Killer at Abbey Fields. This race is a 3 lap course around Abbey Fields which is very hilly and undulating course which saps the energy out of you by even looking at the course.
As I arrived and registered for the race which I have previously done before I was looking forward to testing myself and body on this difficult 10k run. Meeting up with Dave Phillips, Daniel and Mary Connolly, David James and Anna Roden we decided to talk tactics which was to pace ourselves.
The race started and off we went going through the first incline and heading towards the cemetery. I felt I started off well just behind Daniel for the first kilometre then he started to head away into the distance. During the first lap of enduring the steep hills and working out what pace I needed to try and do there was lots of Massey Support around the course which was inspiring and encouraging.
I got around the first lap and I felt really good and strong then when we approached the water station there was lots of cheering for us Massey Runners from our own fan club which gave me a lift as I started the second lap. Once again I felt really good on the second lap and although my energy was being zapped going up and down the hills. I felt I was making good progress as I came to the end of the 2nd lap and it was only one lap to go.
On the third lap I was starting to feel the demanding course and started to tire so I nearly turned into the cemetery by mistake but the marshal ensured that I didn’t end up in there. I felt my pace was slowing down from the previous laps and the hills seemed to be never ending. Half way through the last lap I heard a booming voice shout come on Kelvin I thought it was a message from above. I soon realised it was Daniel shouting from the other end of the course. It inspired me as I got up the last couple of hills and thought on the downhill  descend I was going to let the force of the hill drive me back to the finish. I got to the finish and noticed that I had made good time and I had beaten my previous times on this course. Once again it was the power of wearing the Massey colours.
Throughout the run there was lots of support from Massey members, family’s and friends which was inspiring and helped us achieve this difficult 10k. In the main I felt I probably went to quick on my first two laps which started to take its toll on the third lap..  According to the results there was 9 Massey Runners  doing the 10k and there was other Massey runners doing the relay.
Well done to everyone who endured the Kenilworth Killer, this is a good tough run which tests your endurance and is very well organised event to do.
Results. according to race event.
David James     52.25
Jodie Turner      60.47
Jamie Turner     60 48
Daniel Connelly 64 22
Mary Connelly   68 37
Kelvin Elliott      68 55
Dave Phillips     70 20
Catherine Gavin 70 46
Anna Roden      74 46
Race Report by Kelvin Elliott