Kenilworth Half Marathon – 2.9.2018

Race report by Dave Phillips.

Well what can you say? This was the best ½ in the UK, superbly organised by Kenilworth Runners and Dave Pettifer (ex Massey runner for those who don’t know-but we won’t hold that against him). Your round then Dave. OK?

The course, road closures, marshals, drink stations, start and finish + the bit in the castle, HQ in the hotel puts this at the very top of all runs so well done Kenilworth runners from Massey.

Mind you in the heat it was tough going with loads of drags uphill for much of the course.

What I really enjoyed was running at the back of the pack were you see hundreds of my colleagues on their return lap running towards me  over a 2.5 mile stretch. We all acknowledged each other and for me that made my day. To be wished well and “hello Dave” by runners from Massey, Ken, Sphinx, Northbrook, Leam, Spa Striders and many other friends made my day. This would not have been possible on normal single lap course or had I been faster!

Then the marshals and drink station helpers and their friendliness added to the superb occasion where the longer you were out there the more value for money it was. Now you know why I race walk/jog around these days!  

Perhaps the best thing was the finish in the town centre and loads of the finishers in the bars, hotels and cafes near the finish. The friendship amongst the clubs was fabulous.

So again well done Ken and Dave P for a great day and for my 351st half. Without doubt the best yet even if it was not in the 1.28 era-but who cares? We all ran the same distance!


Dave Phillips, Massey. 2.49.