Ilmington 10k series 2015

Illmington 10k. Race 5 and final event in the Tempo Series on 15/02/15.

A Damn Near Thing.

Possibly the fullest event of the series but not too surprising as those who had done all 5 got their Hoodies after the event-in addition to the usual sausages for all finishers. A Welsh variety today so OK there.

As usual the Massey mob got the pre race photo that by now will be all over the place then we were on our way upwards and ever upwards to the 4k point at the radio masts almost in the heavens. It was a misty day so the stunning views from the top were limited so we just plodded on, and on and on in a now downwards direction to about 7k in the village. Then just when you think that it’s a little jog in to the finish then think again as most is undulating and upwards making it a tough 3k to the end-just what you want the day after Valentine’s Day.

As usual the red and whites were there on the finish line ‘till all were in then the ladies produced a bottle of Baileys chocolate liqueur and chocolates for the 10 of us. Lovely touch so after a celebratory slug we went in to collect our Hoodies – well those who had done all 5 races, including Steve Damms. But at the pick up point, when he gave his name and number be proved to be a DNS and DNF ghost runner who had slipped out of the computer records. “Went too fast so that the timing devise couldn’t keep up with me” he said to much applause. So after more Baileys and chocs he went back to prove his facts, the organisers believed him so Steve Damms became a Massey Hoodie.

So well done on all those who proudly wore their new gear in the sports club afterwards.

Massey results:

Steve Damms 45.44

Andy Cutting 53.19

Cathy McKewan 54.32

Phylis Douglas 60.19

Jason Douglas 60.20

Tiffanie Slatford 69.10

Dave Phillips 69.27

Marie O’Connor 74.20

Jane Damms 81.40 and Emma Cutting 81.40

At least nest week’s half at Sleaford, Lincs will be dead flat. Lift anyone?

Race report by Dave Phillips.