Ilmington 10k (+ a bit) – 23.1.22

Race report by David Phillips.

This was the 4th in the Winter series of 5 events and this one was clockwise. Ughhh! That means that the hill is a bit shorter than the clockwise hill but it’s about twice as steep.

A real killer of a run until the top is reached which is the highest point in Warwickshire. Trouble was today was very cold and murky at the top at about 5.5k so the usually wonderful views in all directions were down to a minimum.

At least the neo vertical uphill slog won’t be back until this year’s Winter series starts in October-thank goodness.

Then from the top it’s downhill for much of the way back home, then the last 1k is up and down but at least the end is in sight.

A very full field (c200) took part today but fortunately 3 of us slower ones are always allowed to start 20 minutes early so I was in the lead for a few ks!!

Then just before 4k the leaders started to pass me but it’s enjoyable seeing many of your friends passing me and having a chat. Better than being at the back and seeing no-one!

As usual all finishers received the pack of sausages and the cake and coffee stall in the pavilion was super.

So one race to go on 20th Feb. and then everyone who has done all 5 will get a Hoodie prize (plus the sausages of course).

Best series there is so well done Sarah and Rob of tempo Events and thanks from the 3 Massey runners. See you soon.

Massey time:

67th Alan McDougal 48.46

227th Alison Lowe 1.09.28.

264th Dave Phillips 1.28.09.