Ilmington 10k – 4.4.21

Ilmington 2nd Race in the Winter Series, 10.13k 4/4/21.

Race Report by David Phillips.

 Well at last it’s great to be back on the roads again even if it is on Warwickshire’s highest peak.

Strange but my last race and race report was on 25/10/20 when it was the 1st in the Ilmington Winter Series so just 3 to go to complete the 5 in the series. Ughh!

As in October the runners were in groups of 5 starting at 0900 hrs and going off every 5 minutes or so. Kelli Sahan and I (the only 2 Massey runners there) were in the last group to go off at noon so we were not overtaken by anyone but neither do we overtake or see anyone. Around 220 took part.

It was the anti-clockwise route and as usual the 1st 4k are mostly uphill and very steep and what a killer it was too but I did overtake Kelli up the hill so I wasn’t last-for a while at least. The views were stunning, the weather fabulous (hot, sunny and windy) but it was lonely at the rear end.

As we got to the 5k mark I heard a panting behind me and Kelli shot past down the long hill. Hmm I’ll get you maybe.

So at the bottom of the hill at 6k it is up and down to the finish and eventually Kelli was in sight on a hill and I passed her and we came in eventually in the last 2 places.

So I was not overtaken but neither did I overtake anyone except Kelli, saw no one on the course so it was a really lonely event but a great day out.

As usual there were sausages for every finisher and cakes and coffee for sale in the bar area.

Next in the series is 18/04 so another lonely hilly run is looming.

Again well done to Sarah and Bob of Tempo Events for their fabulous races.

Results (not official).

David Phillips 1.27.

Kelli Sahan 1.28.