Ilmington 10k – 27.12.22

Race report by David Phillips.

Ilmington 10k – 27.12.22 – 3rd race in the series of 5.

Well what a good turnout for the Christmas run in the highest place in the county. Never gets any easier and the 264 runners went in the anti-clockwise direction for this race which means it’s uphill ‘till past the 4k marker at the top where many surrounding counties can be seen.

Next race is clockwise and a neo vertical start to the top!

I started early with a couple of others (as always) just before 1000 hrs, the reason being I don’t want to keep the officials out for too long waiting for me. Gone are the 45 minute days for 10k!!

Then at the top and the views had been taken in, it was downhill for 2k to the 6k mark back in the village of Ilmington. Quite an easy and enjoyable jog down and I was still on my own and in the lead!!  Again the views were wonderful all around, then the jog around the village started. Also many runners started to catch me up and overtake me as always.

It’s a really nice village with people watching and cheering us on around the roads until the 8k marker was in view and again it was all up and down road slopes.

Then at the 8k mark the end was reachable (of course!) with the final jog past the church and other lovely old buildings until we came onto the road to the finish.

So just 200 yards (uphill again) to go to the finish on the playing fields then it was all over.

As always, packs of sausages were handed out to all finishers and in the pavilion was the café with cakes, coffee etc.

So again well done Sarah and Rob from Tempo Events who organise this series (plus many other races of course). Also I help sponsor the 5 races in the series as they are the best anyone can wish for.

So with 2 races to go in Jan and Feb let’s have more Red and Whites there. Look up Tempo Events and book in.

Massey Results.

43 Alan McDougal 46.41

48 Steve Glaze 47.05

160 Daniel Connolly 1.01.34

215 Alison Lowe 1.09.12

251 Beckie Draper 1.17.31

263 Kelli Sahan 1.27.31

264 David Phillips 1.35.50 (Last!! Or official Sweepe??).