Ilmington 10k, 25.01.15

Well what a turnout by the R&Ws-more than from any other club and as full a field as I’ve ever seen at this event. 11 Massey brave souls assembled on the start line for the “clockwise” version in race 4 of the 5 set series. For me it was the 1st time this way round but it’s just as hilly whichever way you do it. After an undulating tour of the village for 3k, the ascent started onwards and ever upwards where fast walking was the order of the day for many. Eventually the top ridge was reached where the views all over the area for 360 degrees were truly spectacular for many miles in all directions. You realised at that point that nowhere in view was any higher than you but the good news was that it just had to all downhill to the finish about 4k away. And indeed it was and thank goodness there was no ice otherwise crampons would have been the order of the day as we sped down the very steep road to the bottom. Then a gentle uphill final 1k to the finish where as usual the Massey Mob were waiting to cheer everyone in.

Then as usual we all received our pack of sausages as our finisher’s memento. Beat T shirts any as T shirts are somewhat difficult to eat I find-even when grilled properly.

Coffee and cakes after in the clubhouse for the Massey bunch which rounded off a great morning.

Massey results:

Steve Damms 48.50

Graham Patton 49.48

Cathy McKeowan 54.26

Andy Cutting 54.31

Phylis Douglas 62.04

Jason Douglas 62.04

Tiffannie Slatford 70.10

Dave Phillips 74.27

Marie O’Connor 75.41

Jane Damms 86.57

Emma Cutting 87.00

Well that’s 5 Races for me in Jan so good preparation for next week’s Watford half for the 3 of us from Masseys where we will join loads of Watford Joggers who also wear Red and White squares.

Race report by Dave Phillips.