Ilmington 10k – 22.2.23

Race report by David Phillips.
Well what a cold event this was in dodgy conditions yet 7 Massey runners were there. This event was meant to be in the clockwise direction but the roads on the back half the course were so steep, dodgy and icy that the organisers decided to do it half way round then reverse back where we had just run. Running down a slippery hill could have been really dangerous as it was 4 years ago when many runners (me included) slipped over a few times. Really dodgy and dangerous today apparently. So today made sense and it meant that as I (as usual) started early I was in the lead ’till nearly 7k and as I came down the last steep hill the leaders started to overtake me.  No problems there!
The good news was that I saw almost every one in the race coming up the long hill to the top as I was coming down on the other side of the road. Great fun and everyone waved or chatted to me and as I had number 1 race number and some even thought that I was leading and winning!. Hmm not at my speed these days. Then a couple of red and whites flew past me with 2k to go then many others followed so my “lead” was soon well and truly over.
So this was the 4th race of the 5 race series with the last one next month when all those who will have done all 5 will be given their track suit top so well done again the organisers Tempo Events.
As usual at the end all finishers won their pack of sausages and the café in the pavilion was open for coffee, tea and cakes so what a good way to spend a freezing Sunday morning.
Let’s have many more Massey runners in the final race on 19/02/23.
My time:1hr 31 mins 46 secs.
David Phillips.