Ilmington 10k – 20.2.22

Ilmington 10k Tempo Events Winter Series 5th Race.

Race report by David Phillips.

Well what a killer this was (as always!) for the 259 runners. As usual some of started off 20 minutes before the main start and I was one of these. In fact I led for a short while! This was the 5th and last in the series and was anti-clockwise with the first 4k mostly uphill to Warwickshire’s highest point. Trouble was all of this was into a very strong head on wind right to the top. In places it seemed that we were just jogging on the spot and forward movement was very difficult. At least it was dry.

Eventually the top arrived then we turned left so the wind was now behind us and it was downhill to around 6k.

One problem was the number of crazy cyclists racing down the hill and ignoring traffic coming up the hill and almost bumping into runners as they screamed past us (at 50 MPH many of us reckon). Never seen bikes so fast-even overtook a slow car in one place.

Eventually the downhill was over then it was all up and down for the last 4k but again hard going but still dry.

At last the finish was in sight so this series has finished but we all look forward to the start of this year’s 5 race series in October.

As usual there were sausages for all finishers plus a Hoodie Tracksuit Top for all those who did all 5 races so many thanks to Rob and Sarah of Tempo Events for these great rewards at the end.

Massey Results:

51st Alan McDougal 49.40.

188th Alison Lowe 1.05.45.

258th David Phillips 1.30.15.