Ilmington 10k – 19.2.23

Race Report by David Phillips.

Well this 5 race series is over and well done again to Rob and Sarah at Tempo Events for their super work in organising this series.

As usual I started off early so that I don’t keep the organisers there too late on a Sunday. Mind you with the prize giving yesterday for the whole series and the handing out of the track suits for those who did all the races, the activities went on for a long time and it was great fun.

This race was in the anti-clockwise direction so there was the very long difficult hill up to the 4k mark at the top where you could see many counties in all directions. At least from there it is downhill to the 6k mark so life was much easier.

I was still in the lead until the 7k mark when the leader flew past me and it seemed ages before the others started to overtake me as they always do these days.

The last 3k in and around the village was a bit up and down but easy compared with the initial climb.

Then finally the sports field and pavilion came into view with the finish line so another series all done so roll on October this year when it will all start again.

As usual the sausage packs were for all finishers plus the track suit top for those who had done all 5 so a day well spent.

Massey Results (number of runners 262):

37 Alan McDougal 45.45

91 Lizzie Watts 52.31

150 Daniel Connolly 59.35

186 Alison Lowe 1.03.00

256 Kelli Sahan 1.23.31

260 Beckie Draper 1.26.31

262 (Ummm) Sweeper David Phillips 1.36.42

David Phillips.