Ilmington 10k – 18.4.21

Race report by David Phillips.

Well once again well done Sarah and Rob of Tempo Events for continuing the winter series. 2 to go now. As last time the runners went off in groups of c5 at 5 minute intervals starting at 0900 hrs until noon. Fortunately my group (last off last time) was moved to c1045 so there were plenty of runners behind us (many of whom overtook my group of 2). At least were not the last runners to cross the finish line –as before.

A lovely sunny day but the anti-clockwise course is still a killer with 4 k to the top which is the highest point in Warwickshire. Up there the 360 degree views were spectacular and I think 6 or 7 counties can be seen.

A police lady went off in fully heavy laden gear in the group before me and I passed her on the way up to the top and the organisers had their Drone flying about and I think we were both captured on it. Going viral?

Finally at 4k we started to descend so the pace picked up (just a bit anyway). With the groups starting as they did there seemed to few runners on the course but I knew my position as I was overtaken a few times. Then at 6k at the bottom of the hill it’s all up and down round the village to the finish in the playing fields where the sausages were the usual finishing prize for everyone.

The numbers were down considerably this time with 136 finishers and as usual I came 2nd in my age group (only 2 of us!) but I was the most senior runner out there so roll on next time-can’t wait.

Also I kept the Massey Flag flying as the only Red and White present.

Massey time:

David Phillips 1hr 27 mins. 131st out of 136 runners BUT 1st Red and White!