Ilmington 10.13k – 5th & last in the Winter Series – 23.5.21

Race report by David Phillips.

Well Ilmington is all over until it all starts again in the Autumn when it should finish before May 2022! Once again Rob and Sarah of Tempo Events put on a superb event and this time the groups went off at 2 minute intervals not 5 as previously. Trouble is with that, as I started half way through the whole field, more runners overtook me than before. Who cares as the anti-clockwise course is the same toughie as always but today the wind was a strong cold killer and head on all uphill for the 1st c4k to the top (the highest place in Warwickshire) and just beyond.

Then thank goodness we turned left and it was down-hill with the wind behind us to 6k.

However the last 4k+ are all up and down with the wind into us again so I was really glad when the 9k marker came into view-almost there.

Finally the end was in sight and was I glad! It was a toughie but as usual everyone had a pack of sausages (better than medals or T shirts that you cannot eat) and they are our dinner tonight.

As usual the cake and coffee stall was open in the pavilion so well done Emily from Henley in Arden Ice Cream Cafe for the super food and drinks you always provide. Can’t wait ‘till Autumn!

Finally everyone who did the whole series of 5 races was given a blue Hoody so huge thanks to Tempo for this. Best ever!

Final Results:

Dave Phillips 1.29 and 132nd out of 134 runners. Hmmm.

2nd in my age group (only 2 of us). Hmmm again.

1st Massey Runner today and in the series. Only one there for the last 3 so Hmmm again.

Good news is that the Autumn Series is now open for entering so I’ll be entering for the whole series immediately and I recommend that Massey Ferguson runners do likewise on Tempo Events website.