Illmington “very hilly” 10k – 27.12.15

Where else would 350+“ normal” people” go 2 days after Christmas? Anywhere-probably the pub – but not where this lot went this morning in the floods, rain, mist, wind plus hills just for a fun run!

So as usual this event was fully subscribed with parking all over the village. In fact the organisers said they will have to put a limit on the numbers in future to “keep the peace” with the residents. Anyway we’ll see what happens. I got there early (08:50 for a 10:30 start) and parked right next to the pavilion at the start/finish line and I even helped out putting up a few bits and pieces.

As usual the Massey mob turned out in numbers (17) so I guess we were the best represented club.

The course this time was the anti-clockwise direction and it’s c4k when you eventually stop climbing and on a good day the 360 degree views are stunning but not so good today with the mists and rain etc. However we all made it to the top and then the downward descent was a joy to behold but all was not over yet. The final 3k wound round the village with more ups that downs and a few long drags including the final uphill push to the finish line and the usual welcome from everyone.

As usual we all had a pack of local sausages for finishing, so the day was well worth the effort we all reckoned. Time well spent indeed.

So I close now with probably my last race report of the year (>60) on my 65th race. Keeps me off the streets anyway. Trouble it all starts again with the Centurion 5 miler at Chelmsley Wood on 3/1/16 at 1030 hrs.

Will be in Wales on Wed so have a HNY everyone. Anyone fancy illmington Hill Reps for a Wed evening spring training night? Then the pub? I’m all for it and will take it. Change from Chancellor’s Hill! Let me know.

Massey results at Illmington today:

Jose Sanchez 45.30.

Virginia Silio    45,57.

Marc Skelton 48.28.

Marie Edmunds 48.40.

Cathy McKeown 53.29.

Darren Chambers 56.30.

Lisa Young 1.00.19.

Phyl Douglas 1.02.18.

Jason Douglas 1.02.19.

Dave Goodwin 1.04.11.

Dave Fawkner 1.07.49.

Lee Hill 1.07.49.

Tiffanie Slatford 1.08.27.

Sam Wooding 1.08.59.

Dave Phillips 1.09.49.

Anne-Marie Pasz 1.11.53.

Cathy Boden 1.18.01.

Race report by Dave Phillips.