Illmington 10k (Race 1) – 23.10.16

Race Report by Alison Lowe

Having been intrigued by the Tempo Winter  race series and ‘that hill’ for a couple of years we decided to enter Illmington race  this year. The number of places was reduced from previous years and you had to enter all 5 races – so that took the decision away as to whether to enter all or just one race. So keen were we to earn the hoodie by running all 5 races we delayed the start to our holiday in the Lakes by a day.

It was a lovely autumn morning – a bit misty and quite chilly but the autumn colours were coming into their own.

The parking arrangements had changed this year with a road at the far end of the village shut so cars could park there. We arrived in good time and parked easily – the Sports Club was then a short walk across the village which was looking well kept and colourful. With lower numbers this year the start was not too congested – as we had arrived early we had time to catch up with the other Massey runners taking part.

We were soon off on the road and after the first kilometre I soon had sight of ‘that hill’. And what a hill! Once we had started the climb I ran for as long as I could but soon realised that others around me were walking just as fast as I was running so I gave in and walked too. After what seemed a long climb the road levelled out and I started running again but then soon realised there was more hill to come so slowed to a walk again. By this stage I was feeling slightly lazy as I had been walking for so long – but we were soon at the top and on the flat again.

The next few kilometres were on the level but with lovely views all around as we then started the decent back into Ilmington – the last part of which was very steep (and we have to go up that bit in the next race!!).  We were then back into Illmington – just before the 7km mark we ran past the runners coming up to 9km where I saw a few of the Massey men including Sam. The route took us out of the village again and there was a slightly hilly section but we were soon back into the village and heading towards the finish. I realised I had not looked at my watch  at all on the way round but was pleased to see I had finished in 65 minutes given I seemed to have walked for so long.

We collected the sausages – which tasted great for tea when we finally arrived in the Lakes that evening.

I am looking forward to the next race but I just hope the weather is kind to us in the other 4 races .