Illmington 10k Series Race 4 – 24.01.16

This time  the 319 runners did the clockwise route that most think is the harder way round. Certainly took me longer and some say as the start and “round the village route” is different, that it is also longer than 10k and also longer than the anti-clockwise route. Not sure on that.

Anyway 15 Massey Red and Whites turned up although some were” in disguise/incognito/doing a wobbly” as they were not wearing the mandatory Red and White colours. Name and shame??

Fortunately the weather was warmish and dry but after 2.5k the killer neo-vertical ascent started and it was c6k when the top was reached. But what views there were-made the slog almost worth- while but only just.

Then the huge downhill sprint to almost 9k where it really was a struggle not to go flying “a*** over t**.

Finally at the bottom there was a final 1k climb to the finish where the usual sausages were handed out to all finishers. Some of the best sausages around and after my shower and coffee the organiser (who I know well) said there were plenty left over so he gave me 5 extra packs.

Should eat well in Feb anyway.

Massey results 

Race report by Dave Phillips.