Illmington 10k – 18.02.24

Race report by David Phillips.


Well this was the 5th and last event in the series until they all start again in October and what a great run it was with 302 runners. This time it was in the anticlockwise direction but that meant a really hard climb from the start to the top of Warwickshire’s highest point at about the 4k mark. Then it was along the flat top of the high ridge until we eventually started to come down on the other side and back to the village.

There was a lot of water all over the roads but then between 6k and 7k it was so flooded all over the road that a swim would have been easier. Then at the end of this small road we turned left onto a bigger road that was absolutely flooded all over for quite a long way so everyone got their feet and shoes soaked. All good fun!

Then the road went back into the village with another 2k to go to the finish and at least this was “sort of dry”.

Then when we got to the field where the finish was it was nothing but mud, water and puddles to the finish line-quicker to have swum I reckon!

So at least that was all 5 races done again and as always the finishers were given their pack of sausages but for all those who had run all 5 they were given a super red track suit top. A great prize for everyone, then just before the series prizegiving a group photo was taken with everyone wearing their red tops.

So once again many thanks to Sarah and Rob of Tempo Events who organised this and see you again in October this year at Ilmington-or in many of your other organised races.

Finally I sponsored this series and will do again for the next one starting in October so come on Massey runners book in now at Tempo Events!

Massey results.

51 Alan McDougal 47.50

135 Jonathan Kingston 57.52

189 Daniel Connolly 1.05.13

208 Alison Lowe 1.06.41

231 Katie Kingston 1.09.30

238 Mry Connolly 1.10.06

288 Kelli Sahan 1.12.24

300 David Phillips 1.36.18 (2nd in my age group).