Illmington 10k – 17.2.19

Race report by David Phillips.

This was the last of the series and what super (if hard) runs they are too up and over Warwickshire’s highest point. This time it was anti clockwise so the uphill drag was not so steep as the clockwise drag but it was longer.

Eventually the 2 radio masts came into view so we knew we were nearing the summit so what a relief.

By now the sun was brilliant and you could see for miles in 360 degrees but the wind was cold but that’s life on Sundays isn’t it.

At 5k the neo vertical downhill descent started until we were back in Illmington at 6k but a sharp right at the bottom took us on a long drag round the village (mostly uphill) until the 9k mark and we knew the finish was in sight-well almost.

Then a final left turn and back to the playing field and finish area where the prize giving was taking place. Had I missed mine?? Probably no (oldest old f**t in the race maybe?) but I saw Dean Clarke go and collect his so well done again. More to add to Friday night’s collection!

So I collected my pack of 4 sausages, water and gels for finishing, then bought 5 packs of sausages that were going spare so we will eat for the next week or so I guess.

Then coffee and cakes a plenty in the club afterwards makes this a great day out.

Just a pity that only 3 red and whites were there. Think Kenilworth. Northbrook and even Sphinx beat us on the count. Hmmm indeed.

Massey results:

Dean Clarke 2nd 38.02.

Alan McDougal 19th 44.43

Dave Phillips 255th 83.00 (no seconds here!).

257 ran-ummm!