Heyford 10k – 20.3.16

Heyford 10k

Race Report by Vir Silio

I was looking for a 10k different from the ones we did last year and I found this new event announced as ¨Get an insight into what went on ‘Behind the Wire’ at Oxfordshire’s most formidable Cold War Airbase¨. It was kind of easy to convince Jose to drive 45 min for a 10k with the promise of seeing a Cold War Airbase.

We wake up early in the morning and decided that it was a nice day, so we went in t-shirt/vest…a big mistake. It was freezing cold and terribly windy, a flat course means that nothing is surrounding the airbase, so the wind comes from everywhere! (similar to last Coombe 8).

All the races started at the same time (5k, 10k and HM), and the 10k was just one lap (with some turns to make the distance), the first half the wind was on our face, so it seemed that we were in a treadmill. Jose started fast as he was trying to go for a PB, and I just tried to pace myself and be constant (something really difficult to me) as my right calf is in pain since Christmas. The views weren´t that great (few bunkers and some sheep), so it was just a race of trying to push yourself all around (I can´t imagine how hard was your marathon Daniel! I would lose my mind). Marshals were really nice and supportive and the spectators too (brave people, it was very very cold to be standing there).

When I was crossing the finish line I saw that I was quite far to my last year PB (by 20 secs), I found Jose and we checked the times in the computer, and I discovered that I finished second lady!!!. We have to wait in the cold until the presentation, the first and the third lady didn´t show up, so the podium picture is quite sad…

This is the first time they organized this event, and I think it was well organized and marshaled. Nice medal and a tech t-shirt, it could be a good PB course in a less windy day.

Massey times:

Jose Luis Sanchez  40:49

Virginia Silio 42:50