Hereford Marathon – 14.5.17

Race report by Dave Phillips.

The Hereford Festival of Sport took place today with kids’ stuff, 10k, half and full all from the racecourse-so a flat start. But that was short lived as the county lived up to its reputation as being very hilly and tough. The trouble was there were only 57 in the marathon that started at 0900 hrs and by the time we had left the racecourse there were 56 in front of me. The half and 10k started at 10:00 hrs ish.

So as usual I plodded on and then at 5 miles I overtook a friend-a 76 year old retired Minister who is also a member of the 100 marathon club. We chatted but the hills were so severe that talking was short lived.

It was also a very remote course to the 13 mile mark but at least we did have the sweeper car right behind us. The half was on a completely different course so loneliness, hills, slow pace were the orders of the day.

Eventually the 13 mile appeared but we were then on main roads to the finish + that car!

It got harder and harder and I really did think why am I here and will I quit for ever at the end, or jump in the sweeper car and call it a day.

Anyway the Minister preached to me and persuaded me to drag him home which I did but with 25 yards to go he sprinted past me on the racecourse finish. Act of God?

Never felt so shattered for ages so must rest up as it’s Worcester full next Sunday-maybe.

Massey time:

Dave Phillips 6hrs 8 mins.