Hereford Half Marathon – 08.05.16

Race Report by Dave Phillips

Well for the 2nd time in a week I went to the races. Last week at Uttoxeter race course and today at Hereford race course. Not a horse in sight mind you just loads of runners. Today there were 700 in the half and about as many in the 10k and 5k. But again it was another hilly one. I guess if you are between the Malverns and Black Mountains then don’t expect “flats”. True to form the 1st 2 miles (again) were uphill plus rain. By 4 miles it was scorching and heading towards the mid-twenties  so a hard slog was instore.

And it proved to be just that as we slogged it round beautiful rural Herefordshire on some main and some remote roads.

By 9 miles it was really hot and around 26 degrees and not a cloud in sight. I prefer running in the heat and accordingly I passed many runners who were by now walkers-much to my delight!

Many of Gloucester sports clubs have red and white for their colours and at the 10 mile mark one onlooker shouted at me “well done Gloucester Race Walkers”. Must have been  my style.

Finally after an endless last 2 miles the racecourse came into view but you could see the finish and stands but they were half a mile away round the corner. So it was a real slog on the flattest part of the route with the end never seeming to get any closer. At least we didn’t have to jump the hurdles.

Good finish on the course near the Leisure Centre with medals, doughnuts, water drink bottle, gels a plenty and a great atmosphere and all for St Michael’s Hospice who did well from the proceeds. I entered on the day at £25 and all proceeds went to the Hospice-nice to know.

Massey time:

Dave Phillips

2hrs 30 mins (20 seconds quicker than last week’s half).