Dudley Kingswinford 10k 06.05.15

As usual around 1,000 assembled at the Rugby Club for this annual event that claims to be the biggest evening road race in the Midlands. That’s why all the roads are closed for this event that goes along lovely country lanes from the rugby club and no where near Dudley itself. Phew what a relief. Met a mate from DK at the start who asked “ow am u Davie-glad yume ere agen-everthing goin good for u? Still doin them marafons?” Think I replied in the affirmative.

Affectionately know as the DKUK10K-OK? it is a hilly and tough encounter and in my case a race of 2 halves. On reflection it couldn’t be more or lass than 2 could it but I did the 5k in 33 mins and finished in 66 mins so OK DK there I guess.

In the past finishers used to get a locally made glass goblet (I have a Welsh Dresser full of these at home) but now it’s yet another T shirt to add to the huge unused pile. Again I’ll bring it down next Wed to see if any one wants it.

So not a bad week with 3 races in 4 days and just the Hereford ½ on Sunday. Keeps me off the streets anyway.

Don’t forget my Nose Bag on Wed 13/5 after training at the club.

Massey time:

Dave Phillips 66.05.


Report by Dave Phillips