Droitwich Half Marathon – 29.4.18

Race report by Dave Phillips

I haven’t done this before but what a great event it is and congratulations to Droitwich Athletic Club. It starts at the Leisure Centre and those who have done the league XCs at Droitwich will know where that is as it’s next to the start and finish of the XC.

So 260 runners lined up for what was a wonderfully scenic country course on small traffic free lanes but what a killer.  I counted 16 hills and I reckon I forgot a few. From start to finish it was mostly up with not too much down so I was truly knackered. Or maybe it was the 20, 3 halves and 2 fulls in the last 6 weeks that were taking their toll! Who knows.

By mile 1 there was only one runner with me dressed in yellow. When he caught up with me he had Marshal on his yellow top and in fact he was the sweeper. Plus behind was the sweeper Ambulance van that accompanied us for 5 miles.  So we plodded on up and down through beautiful countryside but no shops, villages, traffic, nobody, in fact no nothing except great views and scenery. So that’s why I decided to take my time and get my money’s worth. Believe that if you will!

It was a sort of 2 lap course that criss crossed all over the place and eventually I saw runners coming towards me. They were at 11 and I guess I was at 8 ish.  So the last 5 it was just Peter the Sweeper and me then at 11 I saw 2 runners in front but just could not catch them but at the finish they were just 10 yards in front.

So another Sunday well spent and I came 260th for last place.  Massey had 2 of us there for this event that was re-scheduled from March when it was cancelled due to the snow so that’s Warwick and Droitwich who have done this so well done. Cov half??

Glad when it was all over as I was well and truly kn*******.

Massey results:

Ian Bourne 1.41

Dave Phillips 2.53 (that’s my 347th half)

 This Wed 2/5 is the Dudley Kingswinford 10k (never miss it-sorry handicap) and Sun 6/5 is the Uttoxeter half (hilly again).