Draycote Water 10k – 8.3.20

Race Report by Dave Phillips 

Should call this Storm Draycote because the head on wind for the 302 10k runners was a real killer and forward movement was not easy. Plus it was cold despite the sun being out all the time but the wonderful scenery made up for everything. Plus there were a good numbers of red and whites in this and the 20 miler.

So off we went at 09:45 hrs with the cold wind behind us but then we retraced our steps on the lower route for about a mile head on into the elements. Tough going.

Eventually we headed off round the top part of the lake by the finish area still with the head on wind.

Not too long after on the sheltered path the wind was sideways on and then behind us for a good distance.

Lovely views all round where you could see the whole of the reservoir but that meant you could always see how far you had to go which was always a long way!

Plenty of walkers and cyclists en route plus of course the 20 milers who were doing 4+ laps. Remember doing a full marathon here years ago-mind blowing.

Eventually we were on the last 2k home stretch and again head on into that gale.

So a real toughie but enjoyable –well sort of.

Good medal, socks, crisps and other goodies made up for the cold.

Massey result:

Dave Phillips 78.52.