Draycote Water 10k – 14.5.17

by Helen Rowe (writing my first ever race report).

It all started as a suggestion for a couple of us to enter the Draycote Water 10k as a training event.  Denise E had missed the Tractor Race due to tonsillitis, and she had been deprived of her medal opportunity.  Jane B, Sharon E, and Hayley T had not yet run a race outside of club races or parkrun, but I knew they had it in them – they just needed a nudge.  There was a danger of course that they would hate me for it – but it was a chance I was willing to take.  I felt sure that once they had crossed that finish line they would be smitten.  News got out at Wednesday’s training session, and others expressed an interest in joining us.  I set up a team called Race Fit Newbies, and I registered a number of us for the event.  Lifts were arranged between us, and then Sunday dawned, and it was Race Day.

11  Massey Ferguson runners posed for a photo pre-race:

It was a beautiful day for it.  We did tell Sharon after the photo that she was wearing her vest back to front  – and she did turn it round!

We lined up for the start, and before we knew it we were off!  The route did a 2.4km loop, and then we went behind the visitor centre, and around the lake.  There was plenty of wildlife to be seen, including great crested grebes on the water.  The views as we went round were stunning.  We were all very grateful that we didn’t encounter the fly problem that can plague runners on this course.

We did encounter lots of walkers and cyclists (including our own Maggie Morgan) as we ran the one lap undulating course.  We were also joined (and lapped) by half marathoners as they ran round their 2.5 lap course.  Faster runners were so supportive as they ran past me, encouraging me to keep going when I slowed to walk in places.  It is what I love about the running community.  You are such a friendly bunch!

Although I was the last MFRC runner to finish (well someone has to do it), it had been a lovely morning, spent with MF friends.  I am also pleased to report that they are all still speaking to me.  The Newbies say they enjoyed it – and after the race a number of us went to the cafe for well deserved cake!

Jonathon Kingston.      49:06
Kim Davies                     57:08
Jenna Pogue.                 59:01
Katy Kingston.              1:01:27
Sharon Etherson.         1:04:43
Michael Hammond.      1:07:11
Denise Elkington           1:10:13
Linda Simmonds.          1:10:15
Hayley Tracey.               1:12:46
Jane Bates.                    1:15:07
Helen Rowe.                   1:23:56