Draycote Water 10k – 13.1.19

Race report by Dave Phillips

There was no reason at all why I went here today having cried off training the Main Group last Wed and similarly the XC at Droitwich yesterday. For weeks now I’ve had coughs, colds, temperatures, tiredness, aches, dizziness plus gallons of “stuff” that I keep bringing up! In fact never felt so lousy.

Yet Sundays are race days so it was a no brainer really so off I went to meet loads of Massey Runners and c500 others in the event.

It was a cold windy morning so 4 thermal layers + a thick hoodie top, long leg gear (no shorts!), hat and gloves. So in addition to my ailments I felt quite heavy.

It wasn’t long before the main field had sped away from us lot “sweeping” at the rear end and so it was a really nice quiet and peaceful jog round the lake. As always however, when you look from end to end and across the lake it seems so huge that it can be quite dispiriting thinking that you still have to get to the other side.

Plus there are a few nasty up hills to add to the enjoyment.

Eventually the 5k marker came into view so just a short jog home albeit at a sluggish fast walk pace. It was all I could manage as nothing seemed to work at faster speeds but who cares anyway?

At last the final corner came and we were on the long 1.5k flat straight to the finish where we were cheered in by the supporters especially the Massey Ladies so thanks gals. Next time you can drag me round.

Then goodies galore with water, fruit drinks, sweets, snacks, biscuits, headband (Cov Runner-who else?) and the medal. In fact there was so much left over the lady in charge gave me a small bag and said*fill it up”. So I did.

So next week (all being well) it’s Illmington 10k. Must be mad.

Massey time:

David Phillips. 1hr 25 mins