Draycote Water 10k – 10.2.19

Race Report by Dave Phillips

Well what a miserable day at the reservoir. Very wet, windy and cold for the 300+ runners for this event sponsored by Anne-Marie and Coventry Runner. Hardly anyone had his or her club vest on as most were covered up with waterproofs, jackets, hoodies, plastic bags and anything to keep the elements from getting at you.

Good job it was chip timing as no numbers were visible throughout as they were covered up with the protective clothing. How the camera man coped with number recognition-not sure.

The start was at lake level and into the wind so really miserable then after 1k where you turned back it was at the lower level and not too bad. Then the usual jog round the far side edging ever closer to the 5k mark where you can see the whole of the lake and it seems a long way to the finish.

Very few families out there, hardly any cyclists and even the yachts men hadn’t ventured out yet.

By 7k the rain had ceased and there was a sort of “sun thing” trying to get through the clouds and at least we were protected from the wind by trees.

8k arrived so home was in sight with that long straight drag to the end but at least we were on the lower section and protected.

The finish was great with more goodies for us lot at the back of the pack. In fact even more as the officials told us to “take all we could”. So sweets, crisps, food bars, fruit drinks, gloves (Cov Runner) filled my nearby car and the grand kids did well from it all back home.

So well done the organisers for another super event.

Not too many red and whites today but Dave, Anne-Marie and I did join Kenilworth runners for coffee afterwards so well done all.

Massey time:

Dave Phillips: 81.04 mins.