Draycote Water 10k 09.08.15

Today’s race was Part 2 of my 10k endurance weekend. As I arrived at Draycote Water I was looking forward to doing this course I was hoping that I hadn’t used up all my energy on the previous day doing the Schools Out 10k. There was a big difference in the weather from the day before as it was a little bit cooler and cloudier ideal running conditions. (I am sounding like a weatherman). As I registered and met up with other fellow Massey runners there was a real buzz of excitement and anticipation on what the morning would bring. There was thirteen Massey Runners taking part in this race. Once pre-race photo was completed it was time to head towards the start line.

Once we had gathered at the start we set off half way along path furthest away from the visitors centre and we set navigating our way through the runners then after a few minutes we lopped around and I could see the runners behind me. I felt it was going to get warm again as there was not much of breeze at the start. As we headed back towards the visitors centre it seemed further away. I was trying keep Kathy James and Cathy Keay in my sights as I was running along on this flat bit of the course as we were heading to finishing line before we can commence are lap you could hear the Massey Supporters Club shouting Go Massey on the hill they were standing on. I passed the groupie’s and there was a water stop just after the 2km mark. I took a gulp of water and carried on. Once passing the water station we had to negotiate a steep incline which was the back of the visitor centre.

I noticed that I was slowing down on the incline and I was caught up by Lisa Kenny. I picked up my stride and dug in deep again as the course was a little undulating. I got the 3km mark and noticed I was making good time according to my watch so it was case of carrying on as I approached the rest of the course.  I did my tactic of seeing who I could try and catch as I came to the 4km. My legs were starting to feel tired so I kept saying to myself I can do this. I approached the 5km marker and glanced at my watch and I noticed that this was a lot quicker than my parkrun so I must be motoring.  From 5km to 6km it seemed to go on for ever. In the distance I could see cyclists heading towards me and it was Dave and Anne-Marie which gave us a boost for the latter part of the race. I felt I was still making good progress over the little inclines and passing the 7km.  I heard a voice behind me stating I am behind you Kelvin. It was Lisa Kenny she was on my tail that spurred me to push harder through the next kilometre. I missed the 8km marker so I was thinking it can’t be far.

As we approached the back end of the course I heard a voice again shout out only half a mile to go. That inspired me to push hard again and to lengthen my stride, As I running the last  1 and half km a slight breeze picked up, I normally expect a nine force gale when been here before and lots of flies. There was no flies so there was no extra protein today. I headed down the home-straight and I could see the finish line in distance. I kept digging deep and pushed myself thinking when do I start my sprint to line, As I was getting closer I could hear Massey Supporter’s in the distance which was spurring me on. As I got closer to the finish the support was getting louder and I could see the clock which was showing that I was going to be under the hour. I pushed hard for the last few metres to get over the line and let out a roar of elation like England getting the last Aussie wicket to win the Ashes.

I collected my medal and T-shirt and goodie bag and time stating that I had ran a sub 60 10k for the first time and congratulated my fellow Massey Runners. Well done to all the Massey Runners as there was a quite a few PB;’s achieved on this course. Also special mention to the supporters who really lift you up when you feel that you are flagging.  In the main it was a very well organised race with a nice t-shirt, medal and goodie bag. The only thing is the water stop was too near the start apart from that it was a really good morning.

Finally I had time to reflect on what I achieved this weekend by running 2x 10ks and achieving personal landmarks. I feel really honoured and privileged to wear the red and white vest and everyone’s support really lifts and enables you to achieve great things.

report by Kelvin Elliott