Draycote 10 mile – 14.4.19

Race report by Emma King

It’s 8.15 on a Sunday morning waiting for Cal to pick me up. Having been up since 7am as I struggle with breakfast so a protein shake and half a batch with nutella and I’m ready. All kitted out in my Massey red, felt a bit of a sniffle after being out for 8 hours the previous day at the wolf run bag drop. We aimed to get an hour early so there was no rush, I hate being late. We turned up and everyone must have had to same thought. We queued for the payment machine basking in the sun, still a bit chilly so wrapped up with my buff and woolly hat!! We went to get our numbers and returned to the car. Cal’s number was not the sign of the devil and luckily had a 1 in between the 3 of the 6’s. We were now all kitted out and ready to go.. with our matching buffs and as Cal says the bladders!! We get in the queue for the toilet and I’m debating on the base layer.. the decision that was the best during the race not so at the start, we shared a banana and it’s off to the bag drop. As we went to drop the bags it was the traditional Massey photo, with the bags dropped and ready for the brief. We started on the lower level and they said we were goingthrough the start line 3 times. I was confused and thought it was 3 laps until Cal had to explain the laps I got it phew!!sometimes I’m not so bright.

As we headed to the start I was regretting getting rid of the base layer. Waved to Sam who was doing the 10k and off to the start line. Now shivering and felt like ages, saying good luck to everyone and we were off, the watch was started. As we got to the first hill we saw both Paul and Jenna cheering us all on. As you know draycote is a beautiful route with undulating hills. Someone did tell me it was flat. This was my training run for Longhorn in 2 weeks, I ran a bit with Di, Nicola and Cal at one point and got chatting to a lady from Hinckley runners who kept going along the back of the damm. At one point me and Cal were saying we kept seeing both Paul and Jenna and I’m hoping like most of the other runners it was great to have the support as sometimes you are on your own with only your thoughts and in my case my 90’s dance music!! Cal mentioned she went to high five Paul and nearly decapitated another runner.  I’m hoping no runner was harmed in the making of this.

Near to mile 9. Nicola went passed me and was gone for dust, she thinks it was the gel, So as we come to the finish line and the last mile which feels like the longest part of the whole 10 miles, no matter how quick you think your going it still feels along way away. I’m nearly there and a few cheers from the Massey supporters and I’m over the line. With Cal 6 seconds behind me, we both get a PB, we get our medals, treats, bags and another buff and it’s off to cheers the last runners coming in. All of us there to cheer both Jane and Jo over the line. Singing “if your Massey and you know it clap your hands”. Maybe this can be our new chant?. Quick selfie then off for the cakes. You can’t go to  Draycote well, I can’t without having a cream scone. No room in the cafe so we braved it on the balcony. While we updated each person’s official times a few of us with PB’s. Hopefully they have given Jo her time as it wasn’t showing.

What a great morning with fab people both running and supporting. Thanks to Cal for driving. At one point I could have easily given up but pushed until the end. Well done all. Over and out!!