Coventry Half Marathon – 31.10.21

Race Report by David Phillips.

Well what a day! Never known rain, wind, floods as bad as these were on today’s race. They all started just as the start signal went off and were with us for over 2 hours until, believe it or not, until the sun came out in Kersley.

I was soaked to the skin and wetter that I can remember over the 40+years of running.

I did Coventry’s 1st half (organised by Godiva from Pool Meadow) in 1985 (my time 1.45) and have done every one since but this was the hardest, wettest and slowest but who cares? Glad it was back on so well done the organisers.

The road closures were excellent with no traffic in our way from start to finish and despite the weather, the crowds (including Massey people) were great it was a good (and enjoyable??) run.

The course is super with a mix of town and lovely country plus a few hills to slow us down.

It was great when the half way came about but by then the rain was unbelievable and most of us were soaked to the skin (despite my wearing a waterproof on top of 3 layers)-but that’s what running is all about. Just do it whatever the conditions.

Eventually we passed the Bablake School playing fields at about 9 miles (where my dad taught rugby as well as English at the school and where I played against Bablake for Warwick School), then on to Barrs Hill School where my sister went. So a lovely family occasion full of happy memories.

Eventually the Cathedral came into sight where I sang in a Coventry Choir to The Queen when she laid the Foundation Stone (1956??).

So very happy days were remembered so roll on the 2022 event!

Super medal and T Shirt all dated 2020 but who cares?

Massey Time.

David Phillips 3 hrs 3 mins 41 secs (twice as slow as in 1985!).