Coventry Half Marathon – 31.10.21

Race Report by Joy Woolass

After many delays the Coventry Half was finally here. Coventry Half was meant to be the first half but covid put a stop to that. Racers benefited from an extra hour in bed after the clocks changed. The weather however was horrendous . Racers assembled in the student hub to drop off there bags and escape from the rain. Finally we were herded into the starting area on Gosford street. A staggered start would have been much better and it was hard to get out of the crowds .

The half started around the city centre and up the Radford Rd to take on a small hill. Still very wet we went along Moseley Ave and down towards the Holyhead rd. There were lots of Masseys supporters out braving the rain and cheering us on. Had a lovely chat with Ian O Donnell down Holyhead Rd. I could see Nathan Bignall running in from. Along Holyhead Rd I saw my family . Ab and the boys were cheering me on. The route progress up to Allesley Village and along Butt Lane ! Janette was out cheering the Massey crew on . There were lots of residents braving it and lots of “Go Masseys” along the way. Into Wash brook lane and the start of one of the big hills of Coventry Half. The rain seemed to get much heavier and the crowds had dimensioned.

This was the tough part of the route but the most beautiful. Finally the long hill came into one of the water stations. Unfortunately I dropped my water after a few gulps! We had a bit of a downhill but the climbs began again. Holy fast road was the next challenge. If you have ever done the Coventry Half you know after Holyfast it’s mainly downhill . Getting up Holyfast was like running up a river. Every runner was taking the middle track and it was hard to over take. I was also getting an extra soaking from heavy footed runners tramping through the streams of water. Finally at the top and this was where the enjoyment hit.

A recovery downhill section down the Tamworth Rd to Waste Lane was perfect. It wasn’t too long before I was running down Coundon green and down Holyfast rd and to a much needed water station . The supports came out again to get the runners through the last few miles. Again with fabulous down hill section down Barker Butts Lane . It was too long before we were back onto Radford Rd and I bumped into Kim along the way. The worst bit of Radford Rd is the sneaky long hill climb at the end of the race. Once you’re over the top the city landscape appears and you know you’ve nearly made it. Upper Well street was welcoming with a very wet Brenda and Sharon still cheering the Massey team. Nathan passed me looking very fresh ! Corporation street drew the crowds and the welcome site of the transport museum promised the end was near.

The the final turn into Prior street and over the finish line! Really pleased to finish in 1:56:55 as the wet conditions were very challenging . Beautiful finish outside the Cathedral and it at that moment the rain stopped. Lots of Masseys crowd were bring us all home. In conclusion it was very wet but so proud we have a half Marathon on our doorstep.