Coventry Half Marathon – 24.3.19

Race report by David Phillips.

Well what a fantastic day for all concerned and huge thanks to the organisers and sponsors (including Coventry Runner and of course Anne-Marie). It seems a long time ago that I did the 1stCov half in 1983 and then of course when Massey ran it later on and it was 6+ times round the ring road. Imagine that with today’s 3200+ runners!

Today’s event was very nostalgic for me and not just as I’ve run every Coventry half but it started where I went to Lanchester College for many years (now Coventry University of course). Then along Radford Road and Barrs Hill school where my sister went. Then along the Northbrook 10k course the other way round. Later on past the now large hotel at the end on the LHS of Kerseley Road that used to be the Kerseley Hospital where at 9 years of age I spent a month with severe kidney failure (still only got one but it’s twice the size-phew). Then past Bablake School playing fields where my dad taught the kids rugby for many of his 37 years as English Master at the school. Then finally just past the finish on the cathedral steps where I was in the Coventry Choir that sang to the Queen in 1956?? when she laid the foundation stone of the new cathedral. And NO that new Knife Model by the steps is not me!

So enough nostalgia but what a great run it was, city routes, lovely country lanes for much of the route, Massey support everywhere, back to the Radford Road where a lady in a slow moving car on the LHS towards the end asked me if I ran for a charity. I said yes the Brain and Spine Foundation and her daughter gave me £1. Best part of the day so thanks.

Then back to the usual pub in the centre where it was a black, red and white take over by Massey and what a superb ending to a great day. Hope it will be like that at Stratford on 28/4 – after the marathon – at Cox’s Yard where the food will be laid on for all.

Time Dave Phillips 2hrs 48 mins.