Coventry 10k – 17.11.19

Race report by Dave Phillips.

This was a good event put on by MCC Promotions who have organised 23 10k runs all over the place this year so well done to them. This was 3.5 times round the Park and there were probably around 200+ in it so well done everyone. However very few from local clubs and if I’m correct no other red and whites so I was the 1st Massey home (and by inference also the last I guess!!).

It was anti clockwise round the Park and it brought back boyhood memories when we lived on Leamington Road and I spent many days in the Park with the Dodgy Styvechale Gang. I also walked every day to Green Lane/Styvechale junior school that is still there in Coat of Arms Bridge Road so more memories there. Never thought way back then that I’d be jogging around in the same area more than quite a few years on!

The course is mostly flat and well marshalled and fortunately there were not too many residents with their dogs taking over the paths so everything went really well.

Eventually the finish was in sight near to the central pavilion but just off the path in a real mud swamp so we all got filthy in the last 10 yards but with a medal and T shirt it was all worthwhile.

Massey result:

Dave Phillips 79 mins 40 secs.

Illmington 10k next Sunday(bit steeper than today!!).