Coombe Abbey 8 mile XC – 27.11.15

Well done to Coventry’s 2nd best club for hosting this great event. Superb from start to finish but next year Sphinx please sort out that wind.

As usual the race (race??) was a sell out but what a killer it was.

The 1st half took us through beautiful woods, down by the lake (where I went fishing with my grandpa many moons ago), round open spaces, up many inclines, through a stream, on trails and tracks. All the things you usually do on a Sunday morning.

So far so good as we were protected from the elements by the trees but all hell would soon be let loose.

We arrived back at the Abbey for the 2nd half which was along, over, up and around, through, (never down) and crossing over possibly the largest field anywhere known to man. But most of it was into the worst head on wind imaginable, in fact you could stand still and lean at 45 degrees into it without falling over. Running on the spot was more like what it seemed.

Then the 7 mile marker came into view and home was in sight and by now the wind was behind us so not too bad from here on in.

And as usual Anne-Marie and her gang were hooting the finishers in so thanks everyone.

Memento flask + soup to all finishers then a good prize giving do in the bar area –unfortunately closed.

So well done to all the MF runners and supporters.


Results here


Race report by Dave Phillips.