Coombe 8 – 1.12.19

Race Report by Dave Phillips

What can I say except “mud, mud glorious mud, there’s nothing quite like it for cooling the blood”. How true that was today for the 339 who ran (or tried to) today’s annual event organised by Sphinx. A huge thank you Sphinx and well done for the superbly organised event with a lovely towel as the memento.

The 1st 2+ miles are round a huge flat field but it was just so muddy, wet, slippery that running was out of the question. In fact the swamps were so strong you could feel your shoes being almost pulled off. So that’s why I decided to “jog round”. Plus it was only 1 degree C when we started so I wrapped up well.

Eventually we crossed the lake by the Abbey and ran through the lovely wooded areas for about 3 miles and all was OK here except at one point the Arrow Direction Sign had swivelled round to point right not straight ahead. This added about ¼ mile to my journey as I turned back when I saw other runners with me but running in the opposite direction. Up to that point I had been almost on my own at the back of the pack.

Eventually the woodland section finished and we crossed the bridge over the lake where there were hundreds of water fowl all over the place-what a joy!

Trouble was we were back in that field again for the last 3 miles, along it, up and down it, through numerous water filled “bomb craters from world war 2 German bombers after the Coventry blitz” and it was muddier and wetter than at the start of the run as we were in the lower section of it.

Eventually the Abbey was in sight thankfully so another Coombe 8 done.

The prize giving afterwards in the visitors centre was great fun and to top it all I won 1st prize in my age category (the only one in it did I hear someone say?) so thanks to Anne-Marie, Sphinx and Cov Runner for this. New shoes again so I can’t quit then can I?

Well done Dave Lee who was our 1st Red and White home in 50th place.

Massey result:

Dave Phillips 1hr 58 mins.