Coalville 10k – 11.11.18

Race Report by Brenda Lee

So after completing Dublin Cal and I were both keen to do a race. So as a late decision we entered the Coalville 10k. It looked a nice location and was within Lisa Kenny’s race rule of not driving any longer than it takes to run the race.

The course was described as “challenging” but suitable for experienced and new runners alike.  On arrival, we appeared to be the first, we were directed to the car park but the weather was horrible. We collected our numbers from pleasant marshals and nipped to the clean, well stocked loos.

We had plenty of time so returned to the car to eat bananas and stay warm. We were both feeling a little unsure how the race would go as I had donated blood 24 hours earlier and Cal had not only done Park run and Cross Country the day before, she had also had stomach overload on Friday whilst out enjoying the Rocky Horror Show!! We didn’t get to see Cal in her outfit!

Whilst sitting in the car we saw a runner with a very familiar bobble hat! We got out and had a chat about the Dublin marathon and we asked the question of “What was your time?” 2.49 was the response – wow – I did check he only had 2 legs not 4!

Time passed and we gathered at the start. There were about 200 runners. The marshal gave more information about the course saying it was 2 laps, about 70% road/path and 30% trail. However, there was a “killer” hill which was muddy and would become more so once runners had passed over it twice.

As it was Remembrance Sunday we were all asked to observe a 2 minute silence before the start. This was carried out with 100% participation – you could hear a pin drop. It was a lovely fitting tribute to our loved and lost.

So we began the race and all was ok. There were loads of signs, no chance of getting lost and many, very supportive, marshals.   The course took us through woods, fields and roads. By now the sun was out and it turned into a beautiful autumn day. We were surrounded by gorgeous countryside, wonderful autumnal colours and perfect running weather.

I wasn’t doing well. My breathing wouldn’t settle and although I was ahead of Cal and passed as we looped in parts I felt this would change. As we cut through the car park at approximately half way, Cal had gotten to warm with her buff on so whipped it off and put it around her wing mirror on her car.

It wasn’t long after this point Cal caught up with me and I explained I was struggling, my breathing wasn’t settling – not usual for me. However, she was looking comfortable and strong. She kindly offered to stay with me but I encouraged her to carry on.

Kilometres passed and things weren’t improving so I settled for finishing and not coming in last.  The one thing we soon discovered was there were 2 killer hills! The first one was like looking up the face of a mountain with the summit out of view and only a goat could walk up and the other had hairpin bends. Walking was the safe option.

Finally, the end was in sight and Cal was there to cheer me over the finish line. A medal was given and water and plenty of biscuits were available.  The prize giving happened shortly after and bottles of wine were their reward.

We made our way back to the car and had photos, took photos and chatted with other runners before making our way home.  Two miles into our journey I asked Cal would she like her buff back? She had forgotten to remove it from the mirror and we looked like Massey Football supporters travelling along the M1!

To sum up, a lovely race through beautiful countryside. Had the feeling of Green Leek and there was a nice pub nearby that would be perfect for a Massey post race gathering.