Centurion Grand Prix Series. 5 miler – 03.01.16

This was the 3rd in the series of 6 races and as usual it was a full field with the usual local clubs taking part. Masseys noticeably absent as is usual on these events-not too sure why. Hangovers?

Well believe it or not Chelmsley Wood – for all its dodgy reputation (the Wood End of South Brum)-has a lake, river, wooded areas and parklands and the race was 3 laps round this lovely area and all on trails, paths and tracks. Traffic free and just natural history views all round.

But a very cold, wet and windy day made it a toughie for the 1st race of this year. After not too long the winner flew past me and had finished and showered by the time I sped over the finish line with just a few behind me-I think anyway (and hope).

So that’s one done so not a bad start to the year-kept me off the streets anyway.

Massey time:

Dave Phillips 54.05

Winner’s time: 26.56.

154 ran.

Next events in the series:

7/2;6/3;3/4 all at 1100 hrs. Venue: John Henry Newman Catholic College, Chelmley Road. Superb Venue. All religions accepted.

Race report by Dave Phillips.