Centurion Grand Prix, Race 4 – 2.2.20

Race Report By Helen Rowe

Cal persuaded me to give this 5 mile race a go. I needed to get back on the horse, figuratively speaking.  Cal picked me up and we headed for Chelmsley Wood. We were expecting to see Dave Phillips (who would have written this report had he been there), and Lizzie Watts, who according to the newsletter was also running it today.  However, the only other Massey we spotted was Mylene Feeney. Both Mylene and I had to register, but Cal had pre-registered. So numbers collected, and toilets visited, we headed for the start, about a 10-minute walk from the Race HQ. There were lots of Sphinx runners, Northbrook runners, Godiva Harriers, Bournville Harriers, Tipton runners, Wolves and Bilston, Cirencester, BRAT, Stratford and of course Centurions.

The race is one small lap, followed by two larger laps around the lake, along the river Cole, in parkland where Babbs Mill parkrun meet.  It was a mixture of tarmac, cinder and trail – very scenic. There was plenty of wildlife on the lake: swans, geese and ducks.

I was very soon the sweeper at the back.  I informed the marshalls as I went around that I was the last runner, and several were surprised that there was no Dave!  I had just started my second lap (my first larger lap) when the front runner lapped me. I am totally in awe of these people.

Anyway, my main concern was not letting the black dog take hold.  I needed to complete this run, after last week’s DNF. I concentrated on telling myself I could do this, and congratulating the runners who were passing me.  Everyone was so supportive.  

First Massey across the line was Mylene Feeney, followed by Cal Oddy, with me bring up the rear.  I am happy to say that I finished, and I finished in a better time than I had expected. I am also glad to report that I haven’t lost my mojo afterall, it was just playing “hide and seek”.  Bring on the next race …

After the race we congregated in the Race HQ for a hot drink, the award of prizes for specific age categories, and for spot prizes.  Cal was the lucky recipient of the first spot prize. She chose a tub of Quality Street, which she opened and shared out amongst all of the runners.  She then took home an empty tub!

The race is a very friendly affair, and well worth doing if you are looking for a 5-miler.